A Belfast pub is trying their best to keep spirits up for those living in lockdown with a door-to-door pints delivery service. 

The Hatfield House on Ormeau Road in south Belfast has been delivering freshly-poured pints a range of bears for customers across the Northern Irish capital since the coronavirus pandemic prompted the temporary closure of all pubs.

Using a state-of-the-art van kitted out with a portable tap system, the service was created to help cater to those missing the beautiful taste of a freshly poured pint.

Family receiving their pints.

Customers simply call up Hatfield House, place their orders the day before delivery and, before they know it, a fresh pint of Guinness is on its way. 

The staff delivering the pints are ordered to wear gloves and masks in order to completely make sure that the virus isn’t being passed and everyone remains safe from the virus.

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