Pubs could stay closed until Christmas leaving many people worried the closures could kill off a huge number of establishments.

The government minister Michael Gove has denied there is a traffic light system for reopening the UK. however, he has admits that the hospitality sector (pubs) will be one of the last trades to be reopened once the uk is out of lockdown.

Frank Maguire, from Truman’s brewery, which has been established in London since 1666 has said: “Things are looking pretty dire. “At this rate it does not seem very likely that pubs will be open again before Christmas. Christmas is a big trading time for many pubs. it will result in a huge loss. January and February are very bad trading months for most businesses therefore, without the Christmas income many pubs will struggle. this could lead at a glum start of 2021.

there have been reports that schools could be the first to reopen. This could be happening in the next few weeks.

many other industries could start to reopen by the end of summer with the encouragement that people go back to work. however, it is likely many people will still chose to wok from home where possible.

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