Facebook has launched a new gaming app earlier than they had planned, in an attempt to grow its presence in the online gaming world.

The early launch of this game has been a response to the Covid-19 lockdown.

The app lets users to follow gamers of high profile and watch them live stream games and leave comments. this will not be connected to the rest of Facebook. The app will also allow gamers to broadcast their own smartphone screen.

Facebook already allows you to stream yourself playing games. But this app is designed to make it easier for viewers to watch others doing the same and to let you stream yourself playing mobile games easily.

Facebook Gaming will not feature any ads, instead they will take a cut when streamers earn “stars”, a viewer payment feature.

Until now, Facebook’s gaming brand been part of the main FaceBook app. They have said the stand-alone app was “a focused, gaming-only experience for people who want a deeper access” the new app has been tested in Asia and Latin America for over a year now. the app will be realised on the google app store on Monday with and IOS version to follow.

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