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We are known for having a wide range of networks across social media


Majority of our success comes from Facebook, using a network with a combined audience of over 2,000,000 people.


We as a team are continuously working hard to create a solid community on the platform. Members of MomentsMedia have a combined tally of 350,000 views over the past few years.


We have had a number of tweets reaching well over the 100,000 mark. Creating an established fanbase on the platform still remains a key target for us.

Here's just a few of our networks

Drunk Moments

A new drinking community that is growing at a steady pace.

The British Feed

One of our bigger communities, with over 650,000 likes alone on Facebook.

Drinking Memes

Giving our audience what they followed us for, the best drinking memes in the game.

British Memes

A strong network of ours, with active followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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